Elair: The Trusted Name in Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs

Elair is the trusted partner in the field which provides a comprehensive range of Maintenance and Repairs to Air conditioners, commercial cooling systems and Evaparotive coolers. Apart from this we are also involved in providing the best commissioning services for the commercial installations.

Our core objective in the business is nothing but the customer satisfaction. As we know satisfied customers are the lifeblood of our business. We, the Elair’s are committed to providing quality service in this industry. We focus on your needs and convenient with the best interests on your part.

You should know that even you don’t suspect any problems with your air conditioning unit, it’s rather a good idea to have your conditioning unit  serviced, inspected and cleaned once a year regularly. This will reduce the chances of unnecessary breakdown of the machine. Further, it enhances the energy efficiency of the devices. This boosts up the life of your air conditioning unit and enable it to cool your house during the months you need it most.

The Repairs and services needed for an Air Conditioning unit as it accumulates dirt and dust in key areas that affect its efficiency. The condensing coils and air filters are the core mechanism which should be cleaned regularly.

Elair advise you get your cooling system serviced twice a year. The filter of the machine is needed to be changed regularly. Following the practice of cleaning and repair, you will be able to save your machine from future serious breakdown. However, it significantly reduces the likelihood other small issues concerning with the usage of the air conditioning system. Elair is the trusted name in air conditioning maintenance and repair world for excellence.


We Provide Services for these Air Conditioning Systems:

  • Evaporative Air Conditioning: Famously known as swamp cooling, evaporative air conditioning is amongst the most famous cooling systems because of its cost-efficiency and silent working mechanism.
  • Split System Air Conditioning: A smart technology that can serve you all your needs may it rain or shine, the split system air conditioning can either heat or cool your room, making it a wise choice for consumers.
  • Commercial Air Conditioning: Not only known as a household name, Elair is also trusted by Perth’s commercial market when it comes to maintaining and repairing commercial air conditioning systems.

Ducted Air Conditioning: Gaining full control of the temperature of your entire home is now made possible, thanks to the ducted air conditioning system.