If you live in sunny Perth, we know how essential air conditioning is to your comfort and wellbeing. So, whether you need a new central air conditioning system, air conditioning repair services or commercial evaporative air conditioning in Perth and surrounding areas, ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is ready to take care of your cooling requirements. 

5 reasons to choose ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 

1. ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is a family-owned, Perth-born and bred business that’s been in business for 23 years. We treat your problem like it’s our own because we know how it is to live in Perth. We are familiar with the stress of not having an efficiently working air conditioning system in the sweltering heat of the city. So you can always count on us to prioritise your air conditioning needs. 

2. ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration specialises in the service and repair of residential and commercial air conditioners, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology and evaporation units. We also specialise in commercial refrigeration services. We have a team of trained and certified air conditioning specialists that’s always ready to help you with your air conditioning requirements. Whether it’s centralised air conditioning for your home or office, we have the know-how, skills and experience to take care of all air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair jobs. 

3. ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is not a seller of any range of air conditioning products. What we are is that we’re an authorised agent of Mitsubishi Electric, LG Electronics and Haier Air. Of course, we’re also familiar with all types of air conditioning systems, models and brands, so we’ve got all of your Perth air conditioning and refrigeration services covered. 

4. ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration work is always guaranteed. In fact, we offer our customers a comprehensive service warranty so you can come back to us in case something goes wrong. We’re confident you won’t have to use this warranty,  because we take care to deliver only top quality services for our customers. You’re also welcome to ask questions about your AC equipment. In fact, we encourage this so you also know what to do to keep your air conditioning system working optimally

5. ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration always prioritises customer needs, which is why we offer flexible payment terms. This way, you can get the system or equipment you require even with a restrictive budget. Just let us know your budgetary requirements and we can provide you a fair and accurate air conditioning estimate, as well as recommend the best units for your home or workplace. 

Call ELAIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today! 

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